Safe Air Health Awareness Profile


Written by

Larry Williamson


Since 2020, our team at Safe Air Health has been researching air quality issues throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world where people suffer significantly from poor air quality.

It didn’t take long before we realized we had significantly increased air quality awareness in our own lives. When we look back on when we began this journey, it is clear we were unaware of or ignored many air-quality-related issues confronting our lives and life on this planet. But, we became keenly aware we needed to do more to fulfill our mission. 

Today, we invest our time gathering and organizing information worthy of sharing as a free resource to anyone who desires to learn more. As we grow our organization, we will introduce additional resources to empower the conversation we all need to be having if we are to enjoy cleaner air resulting in a healthier life.

Our first initiative was to revamp our website and design it as an interactive platform to guide our visitors interested in learning about safe air topics. But with so much information to highlight, we realized we needed to give our visitors the ability to quickly sort through what we offer on our website. To do that, we needed a starting point with each guest. To identify that starting point, we needed to know the conditions or circumstances in which they live and the influences or factors that contribute to or detract from their knowledge about air quality. And based on what the visitor knows, doesn’t know, or is unaware of, we wanted to understand the outcomes they are experiencing.

With this in mind, we designed an approach that will enhance your awareness and energize you to take positive actions toward improving or maintaining good health.  

The Safe Air Health Awareness Profile & Guide, presented throughout our website, is a free digital interactive experience. This assessment tool will help you begin your journey to increase your awareness of the conditions, influencing factors, and outcomes you may be experiencing related to air quality. Based on the new information presented in your Profile, you may discover gaps in your current knowledge and awareness that call for personal responsibility and actions. And it will assess your current capability and commitment to maintaining a healthy air-quality lifestyle without using the Guide and doing nothing more than you currently do.

Once you complete the multiple-choice questionnaire, you will immediately receive your overall awareness score and a link to the SAH Awareness Profile that graph awareness levels so you can quickly see your current standing with the issues presented in the questionnaire. As you review your Profile results, you can scroll down to the SAH Awareness Guide portion of the page. Based on your Overall Score, you will discover the links that direct you to the information and tools on our website to help raise your awareness. You will have also received an email  that you can save and use later to access the graph and Guide to quickly access valuable content selected for you. But always feel free to navigate on the website to the content you might find exciting or that the SAH Awareness Profile & Guide might not have addressed.

We would love to hear your experience completing the profile and using the guide. Feel free to reach out to us at

Thank you for visiting our website!

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