October 31, 2020

Out of the Fire and into the Freedom Hood

Two Days in the Life of Dan's Freedom Hood

Safe Air Innovations co-founder Dan Neavitt lives in California where wildfires have burned over 4 million acres over the past year, more than doubling the previous record and rendering the air quality downright hazardous on some days.

This was his paradigm-shifting experience from just a few days ago...

"After working inside all day yesterday, I wore my Freedom Hood for about an hour on my drive home. Because of the wildfires in my area, there was a lot of smoke visible in the air. When I arrived home, I took off the hood. I forgot something in the car and went back outside with my hood still in hand.


I went back into the house in disbelief. I think people get used to it because they have to put up with it. I immediately put my Freedom Hood back on and the smell was gone.

Today I wore my Freedom Hood to work and kept it on all day. I took it off for a moment and the stench of smoke permeated everything. I was unaware of the smell of smoke yesterday; I'm sure it was just as bad. Wearing the Freedom Hood during conditions like these makes a huge difference.

I have now experienced just how valuable this is to me. Everybody deserves to have one. Despite the existence of record-setting smoke in the air, my lungs are happy today!"

- Dan Neavitt
*Music Device not included with The Freedom Hood